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Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association Connecting and serving real estate professionals, investors, and homeowners. We are the premier real estate networking and educational organization in Dade County!

MD-REIA/BREIA Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program

  • Rated #1 mentoring program in Florida!

  • We will put up 100% of the money for every student deal!

  • We average over $20,000 per property flip in PROFITS!

  • We negotiate the deals with sellers for our students

  • 100% Financing available for student tuition.

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As the MD-REIA is getting ready for its Grand Opening, feel free to check out our BROWARD organization’s latest events.

The Miami Dade & Broward Real Estate Investors Associations have a mentor program that is one of the top rated real estate mentor programs in the country! Serving Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, we provide a dynamic environment rich with educational resources and full of networking opportunities. We have expanded to Miami Dade with the MD-REIA Opening October 2016, and with this expansion our networking opportunities will continue to grow throughout South Florida.

THE $90,000 STUDENT!

The BREIA Mentor Program has now expanded to Miami Dade. Here is Antonio Lopez, a senior student in the mentor program. The first two deals that Antonio did in our program generated over $90,000 in profits. His second deal generated over $58,000 because we were able to sell the property at FULL RETAIL PRICE! We sold the property in less than 30 days!!"This program changed my life" -Antonio Lopez


Home Depot

Memberships will be available in December and will begin January 2017.


Receive substantial discounts through BREIA on two vital products for all real estate professionals. Reifax.com provides all aspects of real estate research from finding leads to generating contracts directly from the back office. Alta Star software gives access to all forms stocked by the Florida Association of Realtor to real estate investors. Read More...



National REIA Benefits

The National Real Estate Investors Association is a Non-Profit trade association that has been serving the Real Estate Investing Industry for over 20 years. MD-REIA is proud to be a part of the National Real Estate Investors Association and is happy to pass on the many benefits to our members! Those benefits include special discount and rebate programs with some of the largest retailers in America, like the 2% CASH BACK rebate with HOME DEPOT. MD-REIA is the ONLY Chapter in Dade County!


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