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Be Careful Who You Invest Your Money With To Teach You Real Estate Investing!

If the opportunity is there, to actual become a self made millionaire, wouldn’t it make sense to take the precaution of finding the right people to guide you?

The desire to make money flipping houses, or in wholesale real estate has become wide spread in the last decade with the help of the wildly popular television shows like “Flip This House” or “Flip or Flop”. Now you cannot get on Facebook or Instagram without some joker telling you that with their secret system, you will be able to become a millionaire in real estate in no time! You have people like Than Merrill of Fortune Builders and Armando Montelongo that became famous appearing in several seasons of the show Flip This House. They obvioiusly realized that the way to really make money was to offer real estate mentoring all over the country. Armando Montelongo made (how much money 2016) and Than Merrill made (how much money 2016) selling their real estate investing programs for $30,000, $40,000 and even up to $60,000.

Here is how their programs work and they all work basically the same. This should be a “red flag”!

1st They get you to sign up to a free webinar or make some offer to entice you to give them your contact information.

2nd They say they are coming to your area and have a free event for you to attend. They even sometimes send you tickets like you are going to a concert!

3rd They pitch you to sign up for their boot camp or weekend seminar that for that day only is “drastically reduced in price”!

4th Once you sign up and attend the event, they use the 2 to 3 days to pitch you over and over again in order to get you to sign up for their more expensive programs. This is what the event is designed for, NOT to give you information that is useful!

5th You now are signed up for their full “mentor program” and they start making even more false promises!

The real estate market varies from area to area in almost every city in the united states. So it would be obvious that after you learn the “basics” you would need someone in your area to show you how to apply them and become more advanced in order to eventually become an investor yourself, building your own real estate flipping or wholesale real estate business.

So are your mentors going to show you the ropes in your local area? Do they even invest in your market? Are they going to be accessible to you day to day?

Here is some sound advice; Ask them these questions BEFORE you sign up and use your best judgement with the answers that they give you. Better yet, ask them for a couple of students contact information that they are working with in the area so you can call them and see what their experience is?

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