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Cold Calling Part #2

  It is time to start making those calls! The due diligence and preparation are important, but you are not going to learn how to be effective unless you get some practice. In this episode Ryan will walk you through how to execute your cold calls. The most important thing is to find out how…

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Flipping properties that have liens from City and County violations

  When a property is abandoned by the homeowner, in many cases, there are violations that City and County inspectors will report and those violations will turn into fines that lien on the property. Tall grass, if there are broken windows, or if the homeowner left piles of trash and furniture on the lawn are…

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It’s all about Building Your Power Team

  The term “Power Team” is really defined as the experts around you that assist you to become successful in real estate, making sure your purchases and transactions go smoothly. If you need to know the condition of a property it is important to have the right Contractor. In order to make sure you are…

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Make sure you find a qualified buyer for your rehab property!

  You have your rehab finished and the most important thing is getting it sold. You have to make sure you find a qualified buyer that will actually be able to buy the property. Our rehab project is in Lauderhill and we completed a the repairs in less than 1 month. A cash buyer is…

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Understanding The Permit Process For Your Rehab Property!

  Pulling permits is one of the most important aspects to rehabbing. It is one thing to stay on a tight budget, but cutting corners will end up costing you more money than you save. Reputation is everything when completing and selling your rehab properties.  We have a MD-REIA Mentor Student deal in Hollywood Florida…

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How Illegal Additions Can Make You Higher Profits!

In  episode 100 Ryan talks about how Illegal Additions can be used to your advantage. When we evaluate a property, it is important to determine the full scope of work when rehabbing the property for retail sale or as a rental. Factoring in Illegal additions and the cost associated with them is crucial. If you…

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