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Don’t Fall for the “No Money Needed” Real Estate Scam

You’ve seen their ads on Facebook or Instagram feeds. Or maybe those paid ads on YouTube when you are just trying to learn real information about how to get started in real estate. I know that you’ve seen them because no matter where you live – which big city, sleepy suburb, or remote rural area…

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Why You Want (and NEED) a Mentor in Real Estate Investing

If you’re considering becoming a real estate investor, you’re probably hitting the books, watching a few YouTube videos, and browsing around the various real estate websites. While all of those things are fine, there’s one critical thing missing that will make all the difference between a money-pit nightmare and a big paycheck: a mentor. Like…

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Creating a Direct Mail Campaign for Your Real Estate Business

No one really likes to receive junk mail. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. For all the times people complain about it, enough still take action to the effect that sales from direct mail has totaled over $2 trillion. The truth is that if a piece catches or eye or particularly appeals to you,…

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What are the Best Methods to Market for Deals?

There’s one thing that every new investor wants to know, and that’s how to find the best new deals. It’s no surprise, really. If you want to survive in this business, you need to be able to find more properties to buy than your rivals. Not every property will be suitable for investment so it…

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Why Connect With Your Local REIA?

Any investor worth their salt will have started out attending local REIA meetings. The REIA or Real Estate Investment Association has a group in almost every major US city. The chances are you’re not far from one at all. But why should you care? What’s the REIA to you? Well for many real estate investors,…

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