Property Submission

Welcome to the WJL/BREIA & MD-REIA 70/30 program! You keep 70% of the profits after we market and sell the property for you!

It is well known that we have built a massive buyers list over the last 25 years that WJL Financial has been in business. We will also handle the negotiations as well as the marketing of the property.

Keep in mind, we offer 100% Transactional funding for the deal for only 2 points!

We just require a few things from you:

  1. Must be a property that you own or have under contract.
  2. Must have at least 3 inspection days from time marketing the property begins.
  3. Must submit all Required Documents:
    1. Copy of the contract or proof of ownership.
    2. Pictures of the property including all bathrooms, kitchen, and major damage to the property if any.
    3. Description of the property for marketing purposes including Beds/Baths and Sq. Footage.
    4. Property Questionnaire Form which you can download by clicking this link. This form has also been sent to your email.
      1. Make sure to include showing instructions for the property.

Email all documents to:

Once we receive all of the documentation, we will provide the JV Agreement between you and our company.

At this time we will market the property to our buyers list and post on the website:

  1. Price must be agreed upon by both parties. You will propose a price that you think your property will sell for.
  2. Marketing Property: Only once JV agreement is executed.
    1. We will screen all buyers and then direct them according to your showing instructions.
  3. Offers
    1. Once we receive any and all offers, which will be directed to our company email, we will discuss with you to choose the best offer.
      1. Once offer is accepted, we will expedite the execution of the contract between you and the new buyer.
      2. Our office will confirm EMD.

It will be up to you to coordinate the closing but we will shadow the process.

  1. Please send all documents and updates to
  2. It will be your responsibility to schedule and complete the Final walkthrough and closing date.
  3. If transactional funding is needed, please be sure to send wiring instructions as well as Title Company’s closing coordinator contact information.
  1. If an Assignment is accepted
    1. An assignment of contract will be created by our office and sent to new buyer.
      1. Once executed by new buyer, you will be responsible for getting the assignment executed by the seller.
        1. Before the assignment is executed by original seller, EMD of new buyer will be confirmed by our office.
        2. All EMD deposits must be received before final execution of contract or assignment.
      2. It will be up to you to shadow the closing and schedule the final walkthrough as well as coordinating the final closing with the seller.

**All complete property submissions received before 12:00 pm will be marketed same day by 5:30 pm. All complete submissions received after 12:00 pm may be marketed next morning by 10:30. We will do our best to get every property out as quickly as possible.

Remember, get as many inspection days as possible and get those contracts assignable!! Good Luck!

If you have any questions, please email our Director, Antonio Lopez

We look forward to bringing the buyers to the table, and making you and us some money in 2017!!