We had a student bring us a short sale that had a 90 day deed restriction. We closed on the property and are currently within the restriction period. The property is sold and we are waiting to close. During the hold period as the owners, we are responsible for the upkeep of the property.

I was in the area on other business so I stopped by to see the condition of the property. The pool was green (see picture below) and the faucet was running in the master tub. I was able to turn the faucet off in the tub with a pair of pliers. Since the pool was green, I knew the filter had to be cleaned, so I cleaned it. I brushed the sides of the pool because of the algae, unclogged the automatic pool cleaner and then ran over to the pool store and picked up some chlorine, algaecide, and muriatic acid.

Upon arriving back to the property, I noticed that the automatic pool cleaner had come off of its hose. The hose was at the top of the pool sucking in air, not good! I turned off the pump to keep the hose from the cleaner from taking in more air. If the hose had sucked air in for a much longer period of time, it would possibly burn out the pool pump. Being that the pool was green; I was unable to see the bottom and had no clue the location of the detached cleaner. I had to get the pool pump back on to help circulate the water once I put the chemicals in the pool to filter out the algae. Unfortunately for me, the detached cleaner was still sitting somewhere on the bottom of this green pool and there was only one thing to do. I got in my car and took off like a streak of lightning! The smell of burning rubber filled the air as my tires squealed! Just kidding, not really because the speed limit in the neighborhood was only 25mph. I just couldn’t look back at the house with the green pool. That’s because my rearview mirror had fallen off the day before and I didn’t put it back up yet.

Storm clouds were forming as I arrived at my destination, the closest store that sold towels. I ran in, grab the first towel I saw and headed to check out. The line was ten people deep and now I could hear thunder getting closer as I waited. I paid for my towel and ran to my car as it began to rain, jumped in and headed back to the property our student brought to us.

As I pull back up to the house, it is pouring rain and I can see lightning in the distance. I grab my new towel and head into the house. The rain subsided after about ten minutes. I went out back again only to realize I didn’t have a change of clothes. It was around noon and I still had to go to the office and work for the rest of the day. So I did what any other mentor outside of BREIA would do, went back to the office and called the student to get the job done. Nope! I didn’t do that because we are not like every other mentor. We are in the field constantly and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. I went in the house, stripped down buck naked, put my new towel around my waist and went back to the green pool. Oh, did I mention the cleaner was in the deep end? That Murphy guy has his way doesn’t he? I dropped the towel and jumped into the green pool. I bounced around the deep end until finally finding the cleaner with my feet, pulled it to the surface and made sure to reattach it to the hose nice and tight.

After getting out of the pool and grabbing my towel quickly, I headed back into the house. Once inside I took my pliers, went back into the bathroom where the faucet was left running, turned it on and rinsed in the shower. After drying off, headed out back and added all the chemicals to the pool to kill the algae.
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Thanks for sharing my experience.
A BREIA Mentor

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