May 17, 2017
Broward Real Estate Investors Association

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* very limited seating - only 40 spots for this Masterclass... *

Bringing the Secrets of Money Creation to Your Real Estate Market

Meet Adagio Group’s Ben Summers. The managing director of this boutique investment bank teaches institutional-level risk management and capital raising for real estate entrepreneurs. Enrollment is now open

Learn what investment banks do and how you can apply their expertise to:

In this master class, Ben will share the insights he has gained from over a decade spent applying cutting edge risk engineering strategies to the management of his institutional grade funds, which yielded in excess of 30% gains in 2008 (the year most everyone lost badly). This master class will teach real estate entrepreneurs how to outcompete traditional financial institutions for the tens of trillions of dollars held by savers desperate for measured, verifiable low-risk yield:

All investment decisions boil down to three quantitative considerations: risk, return and liquidity. When you manage your real estate business in these terms, you can then create and sell financial instruments that outperform traditional assets (such as Apple Stock and US Treasury bonds) and raise up to hundreds of millions in investment capital.

In this session he will examine the following:

  • Professional Finance vs. Real Estate Investing
  • Risk Analysis in Numbers (How to Measure Risk)
  • Risk Management Through Valuation & Deal Structure
  • Generating Quality Deal Flow (How to Create Good Deals)
  • Capital Formation (How to Raise Money Like Wall Street)
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