Discovering potential high ROI real estate deals is never the easiest thing to accomplish. Some of us spend our days combing through websites looking for valuable properties selling at affordable prices. Others look for opportunities to buy foreclosures by reading the classified section of the local newspaper to find out when properties are being auctioned.

Guess what? There’s another way to get access to valuable properties selling at affordable prices that you may not have even tapped into yet. It’s all about creating a referral base of people that can point you toward properties that are worthy of investing in.

Your referral base should consist of real estate attorneys, real estate agents, foreclosure lawyers, and other real estate investors. By developing a referral base with these professionals, you can help each other out by sharing information about real estate deals that have recently come into fruition.

If you’re struggling with discovering the best way to find real estate deals through your referral base, please keep reading to learn about our tips and tricks.

Attending Real Estate Networking Events

Are there real estate networking events in your community? If so, you’ll be able to meet other like-minded investors and other people in the real estate business that can point you to great referrals in the future. By getting to know these individuals involved in the industry, you’ll be able to discover new leads and build a rapport with like-minded people that can help each other make solid returns as investors.

Industry leaders are happy to help one another in the real estate business. So get to know the leaders in your community. By stepping out of your comfort zone, not only will you meet great people, you’ll also become a leader in your own right, which will make it easier than ever to grow and expand your real estate business in the future.

Build Rapport and Relationships with Other Members of the Real Estate Community

After you first meet members of the real estate community, you should take time to get to know them better to build a rapport and lasting relationship. Do whatever you have to do to learn more about these people and become a part of their inner circle.

After meeting somebody, do not hesitate to invite them out to lunch, dinner, or drinks when it’s convenient for both of you. Be generous and offer to pay for everything, and do whatever you can to help these people grow and expand their business.

By helping them, they’ll see that you’re looking for more than just ways to make money off of their information. They’ll see that you’re a genuine person looking to improve your standing in the community and they will be happy to help you because it’s more than just a one sided situation. They’ll help you because they’ll be helping a new friend who’s always willing to help them when called upon.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, learning about good real estate deals through your referral base is possible. Use the guidelines we’ve shared above and you’ll have no trouble making great connections that will ultimately turn into fruitful investments.

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