Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has its own charms even if it isn’t your resort of choice as Miami might be and it certainly isn’t as rich as many other places like Palm Beach. However, if you are in town you can still enjoy a rollicking good meal and one or more of the options given below. These restaurants have massive local as well as tourist appeal and have proven their worth over the years.

Sea Restaurant

This place is literally by the sea and if it couldn’t be any better, it has a fairly unique and surprising menu. Although you won’t be swept away by the décor, the food with the backdrop of the sea is really something. Their two specialties are Tuna Bolognese and Braised Black Grouper. They were given an award in 2012 for one of the choicest sea food spots in the region.

Hot And Soul

This is not one of those formal dine-in places where you can’t sit in shorts or inappropriate attire. This is a casual restaurant where even a bikini will do and you can have good food with your pals. It encapsulates the real South Florida spirit which involves little clothing and a lot of food. Their Vegan Yum Bowl is their real delicacy.

Casa D’Angelo

This is one of the more sophisticated restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is a fine Italian Cuisine. Their steaks in particular account for much of their popularity and they have a great wine selection for the wine enthusiast to lose his or her mind over. Rest assured, you need to pay a good price but the experience is worth it.

D.b.a Café

This is one of the coolest places to hang out in Fort Lauderdale. With all the brilliance of a cuisine crafted by a French Chef, it has the ghetto appeal of a teenage heaven.

Restaurants Fort Lauderdale

There is a wide variety of restaurants of all types in Fort Lauderdale.