Fort Lauderdale & Broward Real Estate Investments

While MD-REIA stands for the Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association, and we are located in a position that allows us key information to Miami Dade real estate investing, we are a stones throw from Fort Lauderdale and warmly welcome those of you looking to invest in Broward / Fort Lauderdale Real Estate.

Investors of all types, including Fort Lauderdale real estate investors, are looking to add to their portfolio by putting rental income and commercial real estate in it as one of their major investments. Most of these investors are frustrated with the extreme ups and downs of the stock market and have started concentrating their investments in real estate. There is more financial freedom in real estate than any other industry. Just as there are more millionaires from real estate than all other industries combined. There are more and more people that want to learn how to successfully invest in real estate.   Our Real Estate Mentoring Program teaches our time tested methods of finding value in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County.

Real estate investing might seem complex to many, but investing in Broward County is definitely a huge benefit to those looking for high quality investments and rental properties at an affordable price with tremendous upside. Investing in real estate is one of the most secure investments as long as it is done correctly. Real estate investing – especially Fort Lauderdale / Broward County real estate investing – does not need to be particularly difficult. Broward County is a little easier to maneuver in so it does not need to be a scary proposition anymore, and this is especially true now that all of the inflation is out of the market and many of the properties are being sold well below market value. Quite simply we are in a buyers’ market, and Fort Lauderdale / Broward real estate investors will have an oppurtunity to capitalize on this advantage. If you’re looking to invest and become financially free from Fort Lauderdale / Broward real estate investing,  there couldn’t be a better time than now. We’d like to help make this process easier than it has ever been, so please go through our checklist below to make sure that you are ready to take advantage of investing in Broward County and all that it has to offer.

Checklist for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Real Estate Investors

  • Treat real estate investing as the business that it is – if you’re looking to turn Fort Lauderdale real estate investing into a career, then you better well treat it as a business. You will need to create a strong business plan and detail all of the nuances involved with beginning and then operating a business. Learn how to make realistic goals for your real estate business. Learn how to create a plan and have goals at the one-year period, five-year period, 10 year period and more. This will help you figure out exactly where you plan to go as a Fort Lauderdale real estate investor.
  • Build a Buyers List – you’re going to have a difficult time becoming a Fort Lauderdale real estate investor if you don’t find buyers to flip properties to. Buyers are not going to just come to you and they will not be able to buy your properties if you don’t market the properties to them. You have to find the right buyers for the specific types of investment properties.
  • Establish solid relationships to build your team with everyone from contractors, to hard money lenders, and even mortgage broker that can help your end buyers if you are selling a rehab property as a retail flip. You will also need a trusted title company to handle all of the transactions and lien searches.
  • Establish a track record to get Hard Money Loans – You’re going to need other investors that have now turned hard money lenders to lend you money every time a good deal comes across your path, so creating a rapport and a good relationship with a hard money lender in the area is going to make this process so much easier when the time comes.
  • Learn how to find properties in the best areas of Fort Lauderdale & Broward County to meet your needs – as a real estate investor in South Florida, you’re going to have certain properties that are more suited for certain types of investments. than others. Maybe you are looking to buy and flip retail rehab projects. Then you will need to learn more about the more affluent and desirable areas for this type of investing. Or you have buyers or you yourself want to become a landlord. So you will need to find areas that support higher rental rates and therefore higher rates of return on your investment. This is also known as ROI.
  • Speak with local Fort Lauderdale and Broward County real estate investors to find out about the landscape – there’s no reason to go into this process blind if you are brand-new to Broward real estate investing. There are plenty of investors in the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas doing exactly what you plan to do. Network and talk with them. Ask if they know of a good mentor program. Find out about how to source good property leads in Broward County and which investments are hot right no. Let people with experience guide you so that you can further your real estate career without stumbling over too many bumps in the road.
  • Find top-quality networking and educational organizations to help you source not only your team, but also experienced real estate agents. A good real estate agent will know where the market is at currently and where it seems to be moving. A real estate agent should also know where and what types of properties are making money in the current market. Teaming up with a solid real estate broker, a real estate broker that you can trust, is a necessary step in the direction of success.

Use this information to begin your Broward County / Fort Lauderdale real estate investing career sooner rather than later.