What Networking should mean to you and to your Real Estate business!

Macro Networking is what we usually think of when we think about “networking” as an idea. REIA meetings, Expos, and even Lucheons are good examples of Macro Networking events. They are all designed to meet multiple people, in same cases, as many people as possible. So what about Micro Networking!? Ryan will teach you about not only Macro Networking in this Episode, but will share the concepts of “Micro Networking” with you in this episode. This networking with individuals. Door knocking is an example of Micro Networking. Even though you are trying to meet as many “motivated sellers” as you can, you only talk to one homeowner at a time. If you are driving for dollars and come across an abandoned property and you want to network in the neighborhood to meet a neighbor who might have information on how to locate the homeowner, this would be Micro Networking. You are only talking to one person at a time, but just like when you are at a networking event, you are sharing information in a desire to create business with them.

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