Information about Miami, Florida.

For starters, we teach how how to invest in Miami Real Estate.  The articles on this page are informational articles that cover things to do while in Miami.  We've lived here and invested here, and know the area well.  Enjoy our informational articles and we hope you learn something.

History of Miami, FL

Miami, also known as Magic city has a magnificent history. Constantly evolving, Miami has made its position as an international gateway for industries hence becoming a major international port.

Tequesta's- early American settlers in Miami depended on Miami river for food. they were attacked by the Spanish and most of the tribe perished while those who survived moved to south Florida. It also suffered three major wars in 1819, the second of which devastated Miami.

In 1842, William English gave the name “Village of Miami” and Julia Tuttle, a wealthy widow from Ohio, persuaded the millionaire Henry Flagler to extend his railroad to Miami, because she envisioned Miami to be a great international port.

So by 1896, the railroad tracks reached.

After a few years, John Collins and Carl Fisher transformed the Miami beach making it an emerging tourist site by building hotels, nightclubs and shops, ensuring a steady influx of visitors.

Since the late 1960’s, when thousands of Cubans came to Miami considering it their temporary stop until their home was freed from its communistic reign, Miami has become a mix of cultural influences. The city experience a large population growth with neighborhoods known as Little Havana, which was established with over 500,000 Cuban-Americans. Even before this population upsurge, the African-American and Caribbean population made up approximately one-third of the total population. There was yet another immigration influx in late 1970s, when over 100,000 Haitians and Nicaraguans fled their countries’ newly overthrown governments.

Today Miami has become a home to many multi-national companies and financial institutions, which is why Miami is known to be a the city with the largest number of international banks in the country. Miami has now become a favorite attractive location for the rich and famous, yet ranks as one of the top poorest cities in the country.