Hotels in Miami

If you enjoy water sports or a scenic resort with all the fixings, then Miami is the place to be. Just like any other vacation destination, there are some great hotels to choose from, some cheaper than others and you can take your pick.

Hampton Inn And Suites

If you are keen to not have to spend too much then this just might be right for you. It is situated in the middle of the city so you get easy access to just about everything and you can shop and roam around without much hassle. Furthermore, the staff is so pleasant they will probably give you some traveling tips while they are at it.

JW Marriot Marquis Miami

This is for the people who love a little luxury while they are staying somewhere. In that regard the Marquis does not disappoint and works in accordance with one’s highest expectations. There is good food and a pool for when you don’t feel like hitting the beaches.

Hotels in Miami

The JW Marriott.

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami

While this one is marketed as a luxury hotel, the prices are still lower and there have been some complaints about their quality of bedding. That aside, the hotel is a charming little holiday abode especially when you are trying to save a bit of money.

InterContinental Miami

This is the certified family hotel and good for kids from an entertainment point of view. It offers plenty of recreation inside its premises and most of the rooms are geared towards the needs of a family. The staff is hospitable and kind and this has one of the most pleasant hotel experiences in Miami.

Conrad Miami

If you are all about the view then the Conrad Miami has one of the best views in the city with skyscrapers and pristine water standing out for the avid viewer.

With all these gorgeous luxury hotels, it's no wonder so many people are investing in Miami real estate.