Breia Mentoring Program

– We put 100% of the funds for our students!

– We teach Rehabs & Wholesale Flips

– Average $20k per wholesale flip

– We partner 50/50 with students

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Things That Happen At BREIA

This video is a little compilation of a few students in the BREIA / MD-REIA Mentoring Program at the end of the year closing some more deals and getting checks! This is from our Advanced Student Panel meeting where some of our advanced students provide a Q & A for our members and attendees wanting to get into real estate investing. Whether you are in Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, we can teach you how to flip properties and do rehabs. We specialize in finding distressed properties with motivated sellers. We are the ONLY mentoring program in the United States that puts up 100% of all the money for every student deal. Our students do not have to invest any of their own money in each property, they just get 50% of the profits with no risk!!

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THE $90,000 STUDENT!

The first two deals that Antonio did in our program generated over $90,000 in profits. His second deal generated over $58,000 because we were able to sell the property at FULL RETAIL PRICE! We sold the property in less than 30 days!! “This program changed my life” -Antonio Lopez

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All Members have access to Benefits Program through the NREIA!

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Corporate Memberships

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Individual Memberships

The first step to financial freedom!

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National REIA Benefits

The National Real Estate Investors Association is a Non-Profit trade association that has been serving the Real Estate Investing Industry for over 20 years. BREIA is proud to be a part of the National Real Estate Investors Association and is happy to pass on the many benefits to our members! Those benefits include special discount and rebate programs with some of the largest retailers in America, like the 2% CASH BACK rebate with HOME DEPOT.

BREIA is the ONLY Chapter in Broward & Dade Counties!


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