Past Event – Independence Title & GAIA Construction

Independence Title & GAIA Construction

What a great meeting! First we had Oscar from Gaia construction, one of our top contractors, speaking about how to negotiate prices with the banks. Within the Short Sale process, it is crucial that the buyer makes certain the bank knows the condition of the property. This is mainly because the bank will be the final say in the purchase price of the property. This is important specifically if the property is in really bad condition. Oscar spoke about how he creates repair estimate reports for the buyer to give to his negotiators when negotiating with the bank on the price. It is important that the buyer can purchase the property at the value of it’s “as is” condition. Then we had Kevin from Independence title speak about Title Insurance and everything investors need to know when purchasing a property. Both Kevin and Oscar are highly respected corporate members of BREIA and gave a lot of free information that is very useful to anyone that invests in real estate.