Past Event – Pete Youngs, Mr. Rehab & Tax Care Inc.

Pete Youngs, Mr. Rehab & Tax Care Inc.

Pete Youngs is a national speaker that is approved by the National Real Estate Investors Association. We had a great turnout of over 350 attending. Pete’s main topic is how to save money when rehabbing investment properties. He teaches how to evaluate contractor reports and how to save money and not get overcharged for repairs. Pete Youngs has been featured on many national programs such as Flip This House on HGTV. Pete himself has rehabbed more than 350 properties nationwide. Pete also described techniques for using inspection and mold reports to get the property at a better price even before you start rehabbing a property. Rehabbing is a very popular topic when it comes to “flipping” properties. After many seasons of Flip This House, many newbie investors believe they can rehab a property easily. Well it is not easy, and as Pete pointed out at the meeting, there is more money lost during the rehab process than any other type of real estate investing. As a team, we rehab about 5 to 10 properties per year. BREIA features several rehab shows on our YouTube channel. If you are looking to get into rehabbing first you should watch some episodes of our Burned Notice rehab and then contact us to get involved with our mentor program.

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